The Shower Sex You Dream About

The idea of having sex in the bathroom is incredibly impressive, but if you are temporarily disappointed by limited space, height differences or flexibility issues, it will show you how to overcome your limitations and transform your bathroom into a sexy waterfall of love with These sexual tips about a hot shower.

Oral sex in the shower

It is understood that sexual positions in the bathroom will be out of reach, which makes oral sex the best option. The best way to do it is to hold it while you put a soap dish or swing your leg on the wall. When it comes to your function, avoid putting yourself directly under the waterway if you have finished silencing more than just the wet member.

Get crazy with a shower head

Sex in the bathroom becomes strange when you have a removable shower. Place it between your legs and move it back and forth or in circular motions. Or change the configuration to create different pulses for endless waves of pleasure. Ask your partner to rub it and then use it to massage the head, neck, and shoulders. Then, make it follow the length of your spine, on the buttocks, then bring it gently between your legs.

Sex in the shower position

Sex in the bathroom is fun, but before trying any position, be sure to invest in an anti-slip shower mat to avoid accidents.

The position of the dancer

Try to put a dancer if you are very flexible and have a similar height, placing a thigh around your waist or on your shoulder while swinging your toe. Keep it under your buttocks to maintain your weight and depth control, while keeping your shoulders or both sides of the shower.

Bend her back

If you can, try to bend while carrying it from behind. Put your hands on the tile, the soap dish or the towel rack to support yourself.

Shower caress

Like regular sex, the foreplay is indispensable, and the shower is an excellent place to start having all your heat and steam. These perfumed soaps are not only good for cleaning; they are excellent sexual stimulants. Use them to enjoy each other’s body to rub gently, wash your hair or massage your scalp and neck with a gentle kiss.


Ask the man to scrub some nutritious soap or bath oils all over your body, while sucking the water from his breasts or wrapping it around his neck. Do not get too far away and let the soap slide inside you and do not use soap as a lubricant. Water tends to wash natural physical fluids, so use silicone-based lubricants, which are safe for insulation, waterproof, if you need a little more to help you slip and slide.


There are many different variations to having sex in the bathroom, but if your shower is standing without a bathtub, you can always buy a small shower chair to help you get your leg and create some sex in the hot shower!