Sex Tips And The Best Sex Tricks

What is the difference between having sex and having the best sex? What is good sex and how do you get it? Keep on reading to achieve this.

Ignore the exaggerations of other players

Many men often inflate their peers. Women are less likely to reveal their insecurities and often exaggerate their previous sexual invasions. Men often draw distorted images of their friends’ sex lives. As a result, many men develop a feeling of incompetence, feeling that something is missing in their sex lives because other men have more or more sexual intercourse.

Focus on pleasurable sensations

Stress is a great sexual enemy. So the performance is concerned. If your mind is fixed on the goal, you will tend to worry about every movement and sex will get worse. Instead of enjoying it, you will be very busy trying to figure out what the next best step should be.


The best way to overcome this and distract from this concern about performance is to focus on your partner and how your body relates to yourself. You can make your mind understand the sensations and movements of your bodies. Your goal is to react instinctively and not plan anything. Enjoy this process, take it easy and get some errors. The more you can go out and enjoy the act, the better the sex will be.

Do not follow pornography

When you see pornography, you can be amazed at the men and women with flaws that are perfectly formed, and their impeccable steps that can make the tremors look as if they worked with all the partners. One destructive myth is that it convinces many men to think they are incomplete. They forget that pornography is a choice of their own. These actors are not ordinary men. They are at the end of the scale.

What you see in porn is far from reality because it only pretends to be exciting and entertaining.

Focus on her senses

Men are visual creatures and can be easily stimulated by looking at a woman’s breasts. However, women are multisensory. They love the sexual experience with both senses. By encouraging her five senses to respond, you can already put them in the mood.

Erotic woman on top of man

While the curve of the sexy body attracts her visually, so does the voice of the man’s voice during sex. That can be freshly dirty or freshly dissolved. The warmth of your communication is also essential. You run hands all over her body and spend more time in those areas that are very sensitive to her. The easiest way to make a woman touch her is to give her a full body massage.

To stimulate her senses, you can nourish women’s strawberries, creamy whipped cream, chocolate pudding, and all your favorite food. You can pass a finger covered in honey through your lower lip and observe how it is affected. This forbidden act of the tongue can transform you.


So there you have it. Remember these six tips when you practice love next time, and your wife will come with a safer, sexy and sexy lover.