Abstracts are now available online in the TB2016 programme. To see the full abstract, please click on the abstract title.

Call for Abstracts

Abstracts submitted to the conference went through a blind, peer-reviewed process carried out by an international review panel. Final selection of abstracts was done by members of the Scientific Committee. The highest-scoring abstracts was selected for presentation in Oral Abstract Sessions. The selected posters will be displayed in the Poster Exhibition.

Abstracts submitted to the AIDS 2016 conference that applied to the abstract categories for this conference was suggested for the TB2016 conference review process.

Abstract Categories

  1. TB and HIV co-infection: from immune-pathogenesis to integrated care
  2. Implementation science: delivering interventions to TB and its co-morbidities (diabetes, alcohol, malnutrition, tobacco)
  3. Measuring the TB epidemic: What is the best method? (Prevalence surveys and programmatic implications)
  4. Advances in understanding the basic biology of TB
  5. Understanding TB infectiousness and transmission
  6. New advances in clinical research including pediatric TB
  7. New tools, R&D drugs, diagnostics and vaccines
  8. Community engagement and innovations
  9. Translational research